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Antonieta Contreras, LCSW-R, BCN

"I believe in emotional health. I think that having emotions is as natural as your appetite and that having emotional difficulties is as human as experiencing hunger. Therefore, it is my conviction that processing our emotions in therapy is as necessary as any other visit to a doctor: either for a check-up, when there are initial symptoms, or once the problem has already manifested and is making our life somehow dysfunctional.


I avoid labels or focusing on pathology; instead, I concentrate on helping my clients to overcome the doubts, difficulties or challenges that get in the way of a calm, stable, and fulfilling life."



Ms. Antonieta Contreras has spent most of her life investigating spiritual growth, our innate healing capacity, and the achievement of permanent emotional fulfillment. 

Formed as a mathematician with a career as a banker and a consultant, she found her passion while training in India and Eastern Contemplative traditions. She then became a mental health professional to better serve the demands of those with emotional needs.

Based in NYC, she has trained in multiple modalities including Gestalt, Trauma Studies, Human Sexuality, Neurofeedback, AEDP, EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, REBT (CBT), Internal Family Systems, and Contemplative psychotherapy. 

Motivated by curiosity and neuroscience, she has developed an understanding of the power of the mind and the human natural self-healing capacities and has integrated Eastern and Western wisdom to create a practice that is compassionate and deeply rooted in the client's wisdom while at the same time scientifically proven and informed.

Ms. Contreras founded NYCounseling with this philosophy in mind and with the vision of offering clinicians and the public the opportunity to move faster and effectively on the healing process.

Ms. Contreras teaches, supervises and consults therapists on a regular basis. She's a faculty member of The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapies and a guest lecturer at the Silver School of Social Work of NYU.

She also gives talks and presentations on trauma and neurofeedback nationally in agencies, universities, and Institutes. 


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