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Trauma Competency Training Online

A ten weeks course on Trauma Studies. Course integrates neurobiology, attachment theory, and dissociation, with self-regulation and somatic interventions. Certificate of Participation from NYCounselling Services shall be given to participants who successfully complete the course.

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Trauma Competency Training Online
Trauma Competency Training Online

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the Event

This is a training to help clinicians become competent in contemporary trauma theory and treatment.

The course begins with a review of the situations and reasons that have prevented trauma studies to be developed and adopted. It moves into explaining the importance of following the phases that were discovered by Pierre Janet and have been embraced by trauma scholars all around the world. Traumatic symptoms and the understanding of posttraumatic stress will be explained in detail incorporating the latest findings in neurobiology, dissociation, and attachment theory. We will discuss the difficulties entailed in approaching clinical work from a new paradigm.

The course will cover how trauma-induced changes in the brain manifest as traumatic and interpersonal symptoms, examine dissociation and its role in the trauma disorders, and look at the way childhood attachment produces vulnerability or resilience in the face of trauma. We will examine how to intervene to resource clients, teach them self-regulation skills, and achieve nervous system stabilization.

The course will touch on the best ways to approach the processing of traumatic memories and to modify the narrative that promotes re-traumatization. Finally, we will explore how emotions like shame (and guilt) may join fear in the development of a false self and personality disorders.

Overview of the Course:

Week One: Trauma Diagnosing and Conceptualization

Week Two: Trauma Treatment Stages 

Week Three: Neurobiology of Trauma and the Stress Response

Week Four: Trauma Spectrum, Symptoms and Consequences

Week Five: Attachment and Trauma in Childhood

Week Six: Dissociation as Symptom of Traumatization

Week Seven: Affect Regulation and Resourcing

Week Eight: Self-Regulation and Somatic Interventions

Week Nine: Processing Traumatic Memories and Changing the Narrative

Week Ten: Self, Shame & Personality Disorders

The ten lesson are 2 hours long each and you can watch them at will. Classess will be added one or two every week starting on December, 2020

Fee for the 10 sessions is $199.00 (USD) 

The fee includes the ten 2-hrs weekly sessions, plus one hour live sessions for Q&A monthly. 

These sessions via Zoom will be one every month at the end of the month, on Fridays at 6:30pm IST from January to June and Antonieta will respond to your requests. 

Your fee also grants you a membership to become a contributor at Antonieta's Quora Space "Trauma Proficiency" where you can ask your questions, contribute with answers, comments, blog posts, or experiences. Antonieta will answers your questions in the space for everyone to read.

If you are interested, please enroll now. There are already articles available for you to start your journey.

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