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Consultation groups focused on conceptualizing and planning trauma treatment and selecting interventions using various modalities and/or mastering EMDR.

Practical insights are promoted through case discussions and the introduction of specialized topics.

Boost your professional practice, help your clients, and build your confidence as a clinician.

I have been leading consultation groups for several years. I am an EMDR approved consultant, trauma and sex therapist, Board certified neurofeedback clinician, psychedelic integrator, contemplative psychotherapist and I have trained in multiple modalities including IRBT, energy work, IFS, AEDP, hypnosis, to name just a few.

I am the author of the best seller in neuropsychology Traumatization and Its Aftermath (Routledge, 2023)

Group Options

  • Trauma-Focused Supervision: Enhance your ability to work with clients reporting histories of traumatization and trauma symptoms

  • EMDR Consultation: Get supervision towards certification or towards mastery.

  • LCSW Hour Accrual: Join our team to earn clinical supervised hours towards your LCSW while receiving training, supervision, and guidance

  • Meetings are virtual, 

  • 2 hours a month (Monday or Friday)

  • 8 participants per group

  • $100 monthly. Minimum 6 months.


Please complete the form to apply for a place in one of our groups. 

If you prefer, you can email me directly

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